Friday, August 23rd, 2019

Take these bad beers off your shopping list


Friday afternoon. Normally the cocktail hour, but today it’s nice and sunny. Time to sit back, enjoy the sunshine, and enjoy a nice cold bottle of… Hey, What’s this? Coors Aspen Edge? Blechh. Time to look at a list of beers that do not belong in your refrigerator, according to a writer in the St Petersburg Times.
10. Coors Aspen Edge
9. Milwaukee’s Best
8. Sleeman Clear Lager
7. Cave Creek Chili Beer
6. Winter Park Beer
5. Bootie U95
4. Hurricane High Gravity Lager
3. Chapeau Exotic
2. Camo Genuine Ale
1. Busch NA

Here’s the description of Milwaukee’s Best:

I understand this is a sentimental favorite of many, as it takes them back to the old days. Well, human sacrifice harkens to a simpler time, too. If you want to kill your taste buds, try battery acid — it probably tastes better.

This description is my favorite. How it didn’t end up as the worst beer, I’ll never know:

5. Bootie U95 I thought with a name like Bootie, the makers of this brew were attempting to position it as a dance club beer. Turns out, it simply describes the aroma. Tallahassee member Aurelius sums up the Bootie this way: “The name sounds like some sort of nuclear isotope in a barium enema, and it delivers all the flavor the name suggests.”

If you’re looking for a more comprehensive listing of beers, bills itself as “The Ultimate Source For All Things Beer” and allows beer consumers to comment on different beers from around the world. For example, one of my personal favorite’s, McEwan’s Scotch Ale. (Or as a friend of mine once said, “Beer you can chew.”)

Compare their rating with the rating for Coors Light.

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