Tuesday, November 21st, 2017

Tallinger and Smart signs in front of Waukesha GOP HQ


Waukesha County Supervisor Walter Kolb is playing host again to the Waukesha Republican Party campaign headquarters at his property on highway 164 and Pearl Street, right across from the porn shop. In front of the Republican headquarters will be the usual assortment of campaign signs. Also in front of the GOP headquarters are signs for Town of Waukesha supervisors Robert Tallinger and Steve Smart.

Tallinger and Smart are currently facing a recall on July 13th (run off on August 10th) for their votes concerning the Certified Survey Map regarding the Lathers property. The City of Waukesha wants to drill shallow wells to act as a backup source of water. The residents of the town are understandably concerned about their own wells and the nearby Vernon Marsh.

The race has wider implications. City of Waukesha Mayor Jeff Scrima wants to explore again alternatives to Lake Michigan as the provider of the city’s future water needs. That would likely mean digging more shallow wells to the west. If the Town of Waukesha is willing to tear itself up over a few reserve wells, imagine the reaction of other communities when Waukesha starts drilling more shallow wells that will affect local homeowner wells and the local bodies of water. On which side will local environmentalists be then? How fast will everyone run to the DNR and the state legislature for relief?

I have no sympathy for Tallinger and Smart. Both of them should have been recalled earlier for their role in a dubious decision in support of a new Walgreens development that had local opposition. Smart told Town residents (and me) that he had no intention on voting in the matter because of a conflict of interest. Smart turned around and voted in favor of the Walgreens development and Tallinger went along with Smart. If the recall is successful, good riddance to them both.

But I find it curious the two candidates have the local imprimatur of the mercurial Kolb, as evidenced by the presence of the yard signs. (Kolb has pulled down yard signs for Republican candidates that he didn’t like despite giving the space to the local party.) I also wonder how the local Republican Party feels about the Tallinger and Smart signs in front of their headquarters during this non-partisan and highly controversial recall election.

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