Tuesday, November 21st, 2017

Tattoo shopping and other fine arts


Alderman Vitale* is concerned about the number of tattoo parlors in Waukesha.  Unfortunately, when you say “tattoo parlor” it’s like saying “massage parlor” to local planners.  They think of vice and riff-raff and sailors landing on the Fox River docks with nothing but trouble on their minds.

But just as there’s massage parlors and spas, there are tattoo parlors and upscale tattoo parlors.

After meeting a friend for burgers for breakfast at Fuzzy’s the other weekend, she suggested I head over to the Waukesha Tattoo Company to check out the free doughnuts.  Okay, the doughnuts and the plans they have for renovation of the location.

I know what you’re thinking.  This is the part where someone kidnaps me, knocks me out cold, and puts a giant Green Bay Packer G on my butt.  Because, of course, that’s where a Green Bay Packer G belongs.  Sorry, I remain unmarked from head to toe.

But I was impressed with the store as it exists now.  Even more impressive are the plans Y.N. George Wang has the renovations.  Wang showed me some of the plans, including the moveable racks he will be using to display art for the art crawls.  This tattoo parlor will not be a complement to the local rooming house, but to the galleries and coffee shops and the art crawls and the live music downtown. Rather than an eyesore and an indicator of blight, the Waukesha Tattoo Company promises to be a welcome addition.

And the doughnuts were pretty good, too.

* By the way, if we’re counting yard signs in the race for mayor, I’m looking forward to Mayor Vitale.  Oh wait, he’s running for re-election as alderman.  Who’s running for mayor again?

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