Wednesday, October 18th, 2017

Taxpayer Protection Amendment killed in the Assembly


They couldn’t even wait to kill it in the State Senate. It died on a vote of 32-66. Assembly Speaker John Gard (R-Sun Prairie) must be beside himself. I’m told by Jenna at Right off the Shore that Gard will now push for the near-worthless cap on state spending only.

Update! If you can’t get the Journal Sentinel website to work (I can’t imagine why their stock price keeps going down), WISN-AM 1130 also has the story.

Fans of State Representative Terri McCormick will no doubt be pleased that she voted against the amendment. I say that with some sarcasm. “I want more than sound bites on my campaign literature.” So if the Assembly Republican Caucus staff had made her better literature, she would have voted for the amendment?

Update 2! Sean at the American Mind suggests the GOP call it a night and let Mark Green use it as an issue in the campaign. Dennis York says he’ll now support TPA if people will just stop sending him “the “Woman Drivers” e-mail with the picture of the car with the gas nozzle sticking out of the side.”

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