Friday, November 24th, 2017

tea-totaling excuses


I’m sorry I’m missing this month’s Drinking Right. I’m a little under the weather again. Some sort of stomach thingy capable of striking a man dead in his tracks, or at least make the idea of beer, cigarette smoke and pizza seem unpalatable. Next month a trip out across the the 124th street frontier is much more likely.

Somewhat along those lines, Mike Mathias promises to never write, “Too busy to blog-lots of personal stuff going on.” I thought I would perform a community service for bloggers by offering up a list of other excuses to explain not blogging:

  1. Too depressed since Britany Spears and Kevin Federlein announced they were splitting up.
  2. Not nominated for a Weblog Award. From now on going to post pithy comments on Ann Althouse’s blog instead.
  3. Tom Delay blogging. Nothing else left to say.
  4. Fidel Castro still not dead. Chevy Chase still not funny.
  5. Caught in Groundhog Day timewarp; blogpost won’t appear until written perfectly.
  6. Enjoying unparalled strong economic growth too much to blog.
  7. Working too hard to pay taxes in Wisconsin to blog.
  8. Disney Christmas video features Minnie Mouse in catfight with Daisy Duck. Still in shock. Still trying to explain to five-year-old.
  9. Two-year-old got the proportion wrong in my martini shaker. Doubled the frequency of her bartending lessons.
  10. State Senator Jon Erpenbach pushing tax on blogs. Afraid he’ll make it retroactive.
  11. WISN’s Mark Belling won’t give credit to bloggers. So what’s the point?
  12. Smashed keyboard in frustration when Democrats won.
  13. Busy tracking terrorists in cranberry marsh.
  14. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel does not give credit to bloggers, either. Belling and Milwaukee Journal Sentinel have something in common. World comes to end.
  15. Smashed keyboard in frustration when Democrats began sounding like Republicans.
  16. Spivak & Bice blog, so we don’t have to. Or something like that.

Add your own excuses in the comments.

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