Thursday, November 23rd, 2017

Text from Scott Walker’s full-page ad in tomorrow’s Racine Journal Times


Dear President Obama:

On behalf of the people of Wisconsin, I respectfully ask you to reverse the environmental policies enacted by your administration that are directly killing jobs in our state. 

Right now, 300 Wisconsin jobs at Bucyrus International are in jeopardy because of radical environmental policies created by your administration. Today, you have the power to help.

Last week, your Export/Import Bank denied loan guarantees for a coal-fired power plant that was to be built with coal mining equipment from Bucyrus, headquartered in South Milwaukee. The Bank cited your administration’s environmental directives as the cause of the denial of the loan guarantees. Because of the Export/Import Bank’s decision, 300 Wisconsin jobs and hundreds more jobs in neighboring states will be lost. 

Mr. President, the ingenuity, work ethic, and determination of Wisconsin workers is what has made us world leaders in the manufacturing of everything from motorcycles to mining equipment. Wisconsin stands ready to compete, however, we can only do this if government leaders in Washington and Madison are willing to give us the opportunity.

Wisconsin has already lost 163,000 jobs in the past year. Our state government was on the verge of passing similar global warming policies that could have resulted in an additional 43,000 jobs being lost. This plan, supported by Governor Jim Doyle and Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, failed to pass in Madison during this past legislative session because of the impact on our state’s economy.

Mr. President, being green should not be about taking green out of our pockets. The 300 good paying jobs at Bucyrus are the first of many jobs in Wisconsin that could be in peril because of your policies. 

Anytime the President of the United States visits it shines a national spotlight on Wisconsin and all we have to offer, and we welcome you to our state and are eager to hear your plans to get our state working again. Today, you have the opportunity to help 300 people in Wisconsin keep their jobs. We hope you will.


Scott Walker
Milwaukee County Executive

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