Tuesday, November 21st, 2017

That astroturf is expensive


Liberal writer Greg Sargent in the Washington Post has some bad news for Wisconsin Democrats. President Barack Obama is not sharing his stash:

Top Wisconsin Democrats are furious with the national party — and the Democratic National Committee in particular — for refusing their request for a major investment in the battle to recall Scott Walker, I’m told.

The failure to put up the money Wisconsin Dems need to execute their recall plan comes at a time when the national Republican Party is sinking big money into defending Walker, raising fears that the DNC’s reluctance could help tip the race his way.

“We are frustrated by the lack of support from the Democratic National Committee and the Democratic Governors Association,” a top Wisconsin Democratic Party official tells me. “Scott Walker has the full support and backing of the Republican Party and all its tentacles. We are not getting similar support.”

“Considering that Scott Walker has already spent $30 million and we’re even in the polls, this is a winnable race,” the Wisconsin Dem continues. “We can get outspent two to one or five to one. We can’t get spent 20 to one.”

Maybe Obama’s people are seeing a trend and they don’t like it. Or maybe the DNC just isn’t interested in sharing any of Obama’s money. (It’s the Chicago way.)

But wait a second. Why do they need all of that money?

According to the Wisconsin Dem, the party has asked the DNC for $500,000 to help with its massive field operation. While the DNC has made generally supportive noises, the money has not been forthcoming, the official says — with less than a month until the June 5th recall election.

But I thought this was entirely an effort of the grass roots? You mean to tell me *gasp* that some of this has been orchestrated by paid professionals?

I mean, it’s hard to tell when you’re looking at Graeme Zielinski and Mike Tate.

(Kevin Binversie has more thoughts on the lack of DNC money in the race.)

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