Friday, November 24th, 2017

That’s me in the spotlight


At 2:30am, my daughter had a nightmare, waking up the house. I settled her in and then the dogs demanded to go outside. Once outside they were distracted from their business by the presence of a rabbit in the yard.

The two dogs proceeded to chase the rabbit while barking loudly to alert the neighborhood. I ran out into the mild sleet that was falling to bring them back in.

I missed the Polar Bear swim on New Year’s Day but made up for it standing in my backyard in my underwear in the cold trying to get the dogs back in. My wife then heard the dogs, got out of bed, and ran to the back door turning on the back yard lights.

I went from over exposure to indecent exposure. “Turn off the lights!” I yelled. “I’m out here in my underwear.” Of course, my yelling would only alert the few remaining sleeping neighbors that they now had a chance to find out for themselves whether I wore boxers or briefs.

The dogs eventually came in sans rabbit.

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