Monday, November 20th, 2017

That’s some sweet action if he’ll remember


Jack Craver, writing in The Isthmus, takes a moment to caution his fellow liberals about the polls.  Turns out they might be correct.  Ben Masel, marijuana’s answer to Robert Lorge, says that the polls must be wrong because the youth vote will turn out for the legalize medical pot referendum.  I’m not sure how many wasted youths will really need a ‘scrip for pot brownies, but I understand Scot Ross of the fascist-sounding One Wisconsin Now is ready to sue the Republican Party if a Doritos truck happens to pass through town on election day.

(Memo to Ben, the crops are safe.  Those aren’t the DEA black helicopters. They’re the other kind.)

Masel is also offering to wager on the Feingold-Johnson election outcome. “I’ve still not found a Wisconsin Republican sucker willing to wager serious money on the outcome.”

Well, that’s because I haven’t been asked.  As Craver points out, pollster Nate Silver gives Ron Johnson nearly an 80% chance of winning at this point.  If someone is offering you even money, get your money in the game.

Hey Benji, put me down for $20.

Update! I received an e-mail from Masel, “You’re on for $20.”

“Gambling at Bushwood is illegal, sir, and I never slice.” – Judge Smails

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