Thursday, November 23rd, 2017

The amazing hubris of Cory Mason


State Representative Cory Mason (D-Racine) is upset, upset I tell you, that security precautions are still in place at the state Capitol, possibly causing some minor inconvenience to school groups.

Of course, Mason does not have anything to say about the conduct of the protestors that prevented 84 different groups, most of them school children, from making scheduled tours of the Capitol.

Protests at the state Capitol resulted in 84 tour groups deciding not to come for guided tours. They’re back on, just in time for the upcoming busy season. Visitors going into the capitol still have to go through metal detectors, but free, guided tours have resumed. From mid-February through the end of March, more than 80 groups, most of them school kids, canceled or rescheduled. 150 freshmen from Appleton North High School were all set to go at the height of the protests. Civics teacher Curt Salm says it would have been a chance to witness what he calls “Democracy in action.” However, the trip was canceled.

“We had phone calls from parents asking us not to go,” says Salm. “I got a phone call the day before saying, “Are you sure you want to come down?” It was so loud in the Capitol that tour guides could not even be heard.”

Nor does Mason express in his letter any remorse for the role Mason’s office played in endangering the safety and security of the Capitol.

Instead of sending letters to the Department of Administration complaining about the security, maybe Mason and his staff could take the time to write a few letters of apology to his colleagues for putting them at risk, and then a few more minutes to write a letter of apology to the student groups who had to cancel their tours earlier this year.

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