Monday, November 20th, 2017

The arrogance of Her Honor


As noted here previously, the Waukesha Police Department were asked to respond to a complaint from Mayor Carol Lombardi that – the horror, the horror – someone was collecting signatures on a petition to reduce the size of the Waukesha County Board outside the City of Waukesha Recycling Center.

The citizen engaged in this nefarious activity, Steve Edlund, had asked permission from the Public Works Commissioner Paul Feller who showed a lot more common sense than the mayor. So did the Waukesha Police Officer who responded to the call. Upon hearing that Edlund had permission, the officer left Edlund to continue his work.

The Waukesha Freeman asked Lombardi why she dispatched the police:

She said a citizen called her at home and told her about Edlund’s presence near the city property.

“If he was given approval, I was not aware,” Lombardi said. “I will apologize if I am wrong.”

If? What did she hope for when she called the police? The offender would be dragged off in irons? We can only hope her successor demonstrates a little more common sense when “someone” calls him “at home” asking him to call the police on a citizen trying to collect signatures on a petition.

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