Saturday, November 25th, 2017

The Badger Blogger’s Waukesha Picks


Patrick at Badger Blogger comments on a number of primary races in Southeast Wisconsin, including a few races in the Waukesha area.
97th Assembly District
The Republicans have two strong candidates in this race, the long time insider Bill Kramer and community activist, school board member, Waukesha Taxpayer League president, Chris Lufter. Lufter is a real tax and government cutting machine and I think she is the clear choice in this race. Her last big success was in forcing the downsizing of the Waukesha County Board and defeating two property tax increases in the past year. The most conservative school board in the state, the New Berlin School Board has summed up my feeling well.
Waukesha District Attorney
Waukesha has two very good D.A. candidates, Dennis Krueger and Brad Schimel. They are both worthy of the job, but from what I heard of their debate last week, I think that Dennis Krueger is the strongest of the candidates, but to be honest, most of my feel on this race comes from the debate held on the Jeff Wagner radio show this past week. Jeff has the audio posted, and since this is the only debate between the two, if you are a Waukesha County voter, you should probably listen before you vote.
98th State Assembly District
The 98th has three decent Republicans running, but it looks like former Jim Sensenbrenner aid Rich Zipperer has the edge. I haven’t been following closely, but Zipperer is well connected and has a great Conservative pedigree.

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