Wednesday, November 22nd, 2017

The coming liberal hordes


The MacIver Institute’s Brian Fraley and Scot Ross from the self-described partisan group with the fascist-sounding name One Wisconsin Now spent this week’s That’s Debatable debating the enthusiasm gap.

“Much talk has been made about an alleged enthusiasm gap, but I don’t see it from where I live.” – Scot Ross

“Scot, you live on Madison’s Isthmus. If you saw an enthusiasm gap there, this election would be over before it began.” – Brian Fraley

I don’t think Ross is seeing much of anything on the Isthmus. This is a picture of yesterday’s Democratic Party “rally” in Madison with Democratic National Committee Chairman Tim Kaine.

Photo from WKOW website

I’ve seen bigger crowds outside a restaurant waiting for a table for a good fish fry.

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