Sunday, November 19th, 2017

The day after an amazing night


If you were checking out the website last night, or the Twitter feed, or my Facebook page, you’re aware that I was at the Walker victory party last night. Or maybe you caught the top of my head when Charles Benson of TMJ4 did interviews right next to my makeshift workstation.

There were so many people there last night and it wasn’t until my wife, the Lovely Doreen from Waukesha, and I were leaving that we found our friend Anita. Anita showed up after the polls had closed and found herself outside at the overflow tent, which was overflowing. She was the overflow of the overflow, and more people kept coming. Everyone wanted to be there when history was made.

There was someone else there last night that people did not see. During the course of the whole recall mania, my wife made a new friend, Bob from Georgia. Bob and his wife are retired and Bob loves what Governor Scott Walker is doing. He calls my wife just to find out the latest on the recalls. Last night Bob was on the phone with my wife listening to Walker’s victory speech while watching the speech live on cable television. My wife is sending him a “We Stand With Walker” sign she picked up at the party yesterday.

Somewhere out in the rest of the country there are thousands of people like Bob who see Walker’s reform program as what is needed to get our country back on track. So last night was not just Wisconsin’s victory. It was a victory for people like Bob around the country that believe our country is on the wrong track. They see a way forward, and they have Wisconsin to thank for it.

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