Saturday, August 17th, 2019

The definition of a complete disconnect from reality


Is anyone at the National Journal seriously paying attention?
obama spring

At his Nov. 5 meeting with reporters, Obama was desultory, listless and seemingly in denial about what had befallen his party after voters found too many Democrats too close to him. It was almost certainly the worst press conference of his time in office. But on Friday, he was, as he described himself, “energized.” He was also confident, relaxed, firm and seemed more in control than at almost any prior session with reporters. He joked about calling on reporters on his “who’s been naughty, and who’s been nice list.” He tweaked reporter Cheryl Bolen of Bloomberg BNA, telling her, “You’ve been naughty.”

Glad to see the National Journal is writing fawning puff pieces to give comfort to the president as he goes on vacation. Riots in the streets, two police officers killed as Obama and Eric Holder support anti-cop tension, Obamacare is falling apart and international strife in nearly every part of the globe, but the president is going into his final two years with “a spring in his step.”

Good lord.

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