Tuesday, November 21st, 2017

The disaster of the Nygren failure


The failure is complete. State Representative John Nygren will not be running a write-in campaign in the recall election of Democratic State Senator Dave Hansen. Nygren only turned in 424 nomination signatures, practically begging the Democratic Party to challenge the. The minimum needed is 400, but Nygren could have turned in many more to protect himself from having signatures challenged. The Democrats were successful with the Government Accountability Board and Nygren only had 399 valid signatures (he was successful in getting one reinstated). Nygren went to court, lost, and then took the weekend to think about a write-in candidacy.

Hansen would have been extremely vulnerable if Nygren had been able to get on the ballot. Now the only Republican candidate is David VanderLeest. VanderLeest is a train wreck, making State Senator Randy Hopper the second-most colorful candidate of this recall season.

This was just unbelievably stupid on the part of the Republican Party in Wisconsin to allow this to happen.

Making matters worse, the Democrats are now using VanderLeest as a fundraising tool for their other candidates. From a fundraising e-mail from the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee:

We chose to go on the air in the very first recall election, where Democratic state Senator Dave Hansen (of the Wisconsin 14) is facing a hard core Tea Partier just two weeks from now.

Simply put, progressives everywhere need a victory by Senator Hansen.

Win, and we’ll set the tone and build critical momentum for the rest of the recalls and for supporters of working families across the country. Lose, and stopping Scott Walker’s brand of extremism becomes that much harder.

As the ad shows, Senator Hansen’s recall opponent is one of the most despicable GOP candidates we’ve ever seen.

He’s a Tea Party radical with a history of fines, civil judgments, and (worst of all) years of accusations of domestic violence. According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, in the very worst incident the Republican nominee “was arrested for pulling out a chunk of his ex-wife’s hair and for throwing her to the kitchen floor to keep her from calling police.”

Walker and the Republicans will spend big money propping up their candidate and trying to fool voters into thinking he’s something he’s not: fit for elected office.

We’re not going to let them get away with it.

The ad attacks VanderLeest, and they are really not going to need to run it too often. Hansen is going to win in a walk when he should have been a GOP pick up, and the race is going to help fund other Democratic Senate candidates.

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