Friday, August 23rd, 2019

The do-anything, no-holds-barred candidate, part II


Ann Althouse has more on the do-anything, no-holds-barred Obama campaign from her son, Chris:

Looking at your precinct, I notice that you are a delegate for Clinton and the Delegation Chair in your precinct supports Obama. The same thing is true in my precinct–I’m for Clinton, and my Delegation Chair, who has never contacted me, is for Obama. It was actually the Obama Precinct Captain who told me, when I asked her a series of questions about the rules a few weeks ago, that it’s the Delegation Chair’s responsibility. To make up for this, I have made a point of personally calling and e-mailing all the Clinton delegates in my precinct (235), who would be out of the loop if it were left to the Delegation Chair.

Here’s the problem: if the Clinton delegates who are in precincts with Delegation Chairs who support Obama (in other words, any precinct with an Obama majority, since those Chairs were voted on at the caucus) don’t show up because those Delegation Chairs only contacted the Obama supporters, Obama will get delegates he didn’t earn. The race is all about delegates, and those delegates will be determined by those who show up at the county convention, then determined by those who are sent on to the state convention. We can’t let them win more delegates just by not telling us when the convention is!

Looks like the politics of hope is really the politics of “hope they don’t show up.”

And there’s another update from Chris Althouse and Newsweek on the Obama wooing of Clinton delegates in Texas.

Obama is crushing my sense of innocence. Who can I believe now?

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