Saturday, November 18th, 2017

The end is near!


Another Earth Day is just around the corner, and I rapped the knuckles of the environmentalists for their follies in this week’s column for the MacIver Institute.

As adults, we’re a little more aware that Kermit the Frog was right: it’s not easy being green. We often find ourselves dealing with the unintended consequences of environmentalist cant substituting for reasoned public policy debate.

Take for instance what has been dubbed President Barack Obama’s “War on Coal.” The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has adopted a new rule that would effectively kill off any new coal burning electric power plant by limiting CO2 and other “greenhouse gases.” By reducing the demand for coal in the United States, Obama’s EPA will actually make coal cheaper for China and India to burn. Much of the developing world will find coal cheaper to burn, too. They will have less stringent standards for coal emissions and the resulting environmental damage could actually be greater as a result.

But hey, we’re doing our part to save the Earth from Global Warming. Al Gore and Prince Charles will be happy and the bureaucrats will feel good they did something “for the Earth.”

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