Thursday, November 23rd, 2017

The evolving candidate


Senate candidate Terrence Wall, when asked about global warming during an interview on WVCY, said the Earth’s climate changed over billions of years. When the show opened up for phoned questions and comments, one caller said Wall was a hypocrite for saying the Earth was billions of years old when Wall said he believed in the religious principles of the country’s founding, which the caller says was Creationist in orientation.

We might play the game of how we would answer the question. For me, the temptation would have been to give in to my inner Christopher Hitchens, and I would have told the caller that the Earth is not 10,000 years old but billions, and we should not pretend to believe in the 10k Earth anymore than we believe in phrenology and astrology. I would hasten to add that had “Creationist” been a category at the time of this country’s founding, I sincerely doubt that we would have found Washington, Jefferson, and Franklin among them.

Instead of the clever title I chose above, we would have to title this, “Why I am not a candidate for public office.”

I have two thoughts regarding Wall’s answer, which can be seen below:

Ht: Blogging Blue

The first thought is about the caller. The question just doesn’t ring true to the ear. Perhaps someone who believes in Creationism will correct me, but the self reference as a “Creationist” and the charge of hypocrisy sounds more like a secularist leftist than a fundamentalist Christian. A sincere caller would have just “corrected” Wall on his terminology.

That said, while Wall seemed surprised by the question, given that the topic under discussion was global warming and not evolution, I fail to see the harm in Wall’s answer. He did not agree with the caller’s point but merely said it was irrelevant to the topic. If I have a quibble it’s with his remark that he just “threw out a number.” But that’s the clumsiness of an unprepared candidate.

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