Tuesday, November 21st, 2017

The free China Lorge, not the Elvis Lorge


Glenn Grothman decided not to challenge US Senator Herb Kohl. Despite collecting the nomination signatures, Grothman did not have the campaign staff put together to run a statewide race.

“If I felt I could have had a good core of four or five experienced people so we could hit the ground running tomorrow, I think the decision might have been different,” Grothman told 27 News.
“I didn’t have that core.”

Well, duh. It’s awfully hard to hire campaign consultants if you’re doing two month version of Hamlet’s soliloquy. I can just imagine those phone calls.

“Hey Mr. Campaign Consultant. Do you want to commit to working on my race even though I have no money, no chance of winning, and I might not even run?”

Because that’s what consultants just love to do: drop their paying clients who committed to running for election along time ago for a client who offers them a chance to live on food stamps and probable humiliation, even if he bothers to run.

If Grothman had decided to run, I assumed he was going to have running his campaign a couple of college kids, a state senate staffer on leave and maybe a couple of little old ladies who know where the political bodies were buried in Waushara County during the Warren Knowles era.

Who did Grothman think he was going to get? Ed Rollins? Maybe he should’ve asked Owen, the would-be Warwick of West Bend,or Bob Dohnal, our Clarence. Both feel a bit like they just heard King Edward IV married Elizabeth Woodville.

So with Grothman gone, Republicans pin their hopes on Robert Gerald Lorge. This Lorge is not be confused with his brother Bill Lorge, who ran for public office as an Elvis impersonator.

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