Wednesday, November 22nd, 2017

The Jeff Wood line


It’s official. There is almost no level of bad conduct that will get you thrown out of the state assembly. Driving while intoxicated three times while in office, possession of marijuana, and repeatedly lying to constituents, will merit a slap on the wrist as long as you vote with the Democrats. Above the Jeff Wood line, you will not face any consequences. Below the Jeff Wood line, and the Democrats will wait until a body is produced before passing judgment.

Because, really, that’s all that’s left. To sink below the Jeff Wood line, you would have to kill someone. Merely endangering the public safety multiple times is not enough.

Under the new standards of conduct, you can even vote to save yourself from any consequences. Conflict of interest? How quaint. Somebody tell Senator Luther Olsen it’s okay to vote on ethanol issues now. There’s a new standard now.

I’m beginning to wonder why Wood doesn’t just decide to run for re-election. After all, he’s been punished enough, right? Come on back, Jeff, all is forgiven. Just ask the Democrats in the State Assembly. You belong to them, now.

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