Tuesday, November 21st, 2017

The Kolosso wager


Todd Kolosso did manage to make it on the ballot to challenge Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner after some problems with his nomination signatures. I’m not sure what it says about a candidate that doesn’t have all of his i’s dotted and t’s crossed before they turn in the campaign paperwork. You might recall that it was an issue with Paul Reilly’s campaign against Linda Van De Water in the District 2 Court of Appeals race, and even that was only because he included “Judge” on the papers.

Still, Kolosso’s on the ballot now, or at least until Sensenbrenner hires Mike Maistelman or somebody to go through the papers with a fine-toothed comb. Local Democratic blogger Zach Wisniewski puts the over-under line of Kolosso at 35%. Checking with my bookie, Jimmy Irish, he thinks betting the under may be the way to go. During the Democratic year of 2008, Sensenbrenner didn’t draw a major party opponent in the general election. In 2006, another Democratic year, Democrat Bryan Kennedy only reached 35% despite it being a second run with more name recognition and more campaign infrastructure. Even without consulting Michael Barone, in this strong Republican year Sensenbrenner should get around 70%, and that’s without tapping into his lottery winnings.

Of course, betting on an election would be wrong.

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