Friday, November 24th, 2017

The liklihood of Gard


Spivak and Bice report on a poll in Wisconsin’s eight congressional district. The polling shows that Assembly Speaker John gard will not defeat the Democrats in that district easily. No word yet on when Spivak & Bice will report on the poll that most people in Green Bay care more about Brett Favre than they do about who is representing them in Congress.

More intersting to me was the comment about the pollster’s attitude towards Gard’s opponent in the primary:

Before facing any of the Democrats, Gard must first beat state Rep. Terri McCormick, a poorly financed Appleton Republican.

Mellman said he didn’t ask about McCormick’s popularity because she has such a poor chance of winning. Because this was a general election poll, he said, he didn’t put the Democrats against one another to see who is likely to win the primary.

Pretty rough dismissal. Maybe McCormick should consider running for something else.

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