Wednesday, November 22nd, 2017

The malware candidate


Fred Dooley at Real Debate Wisconsin warns that checking Mark Neumann’s endorsements may be hazardous to your computer.

My larger issue is with National Tea Party Alert dot com and why Neumann is affiliating himself with them. Who are they? No one really knows. It would appear that the domain was purchased out of the Bill Hudack for Congress campaign. (Massachusetts) What this group does is maintain a large database that is used for marketing in political campaigns.

If you go to their website (I STRONGLY ADVISE THAT YOU DO NOT GO TO THEIR WEBSITE) the only option available is to give them your information to join their mailing list. If you do choose to go to their site your computer will be attacked with malware and viruses. You can find a mailing address for the group but no phone number or email address to contact them. It appears all the National Tea Party Alert does is capture information to sell to political campaigns.

Another interesting thing that happened is when I tried to send out a few emails enquiring about National TEA Party Alert dot com (As a link, not spelled out) my emails were blocked and labeled as SPAM and as having been reported as a nuisance. If you spell it out instead of sending a link email goes right out as normal.

I’ve been involved with the TEA party since its inception and this, my friends, is not the TEA party; this is a group pretending to be affiliated with the TEA party in order to sell a product (political mailing lists).

If Mark Neumann’s campaign “goes viral,” it may really be a virus.

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