Wednesday, November 22nd, 2017

The marriage letter


State Representative Mark Gundrum has issued a letter challenging the myths surrounding Tuesday’s proposed constitutional amendment to prevent legalized gay marriage in Wisconsin. Matt Thomas has the complete text, but I wanted to refer to one point Gundrum makes about the “second sentence”:

Will the “second sentence” affect anything else? NO, it will not. Those trying to defeat this amendment and eventually legalize same-sex marriage in Wisconsin have spent millions on ads trying to make people believe the “second sentence” could interfere with all kinds of other rights or benefits. None of this is true. The amendment will not prohibit any right, privilege or benefit that presently exists in this state for any person, straight, gay or otherwise. It will not interfere with pension benefits, hospital visitation,health insurance or anything else the opposing side has alleged. Twenty states have passed similar amendments over the passed decade and no individual right, privilege or benefit has ever been denied to anyone. Eight more are on the ballot in other states this Tuesday, almost all have a “second sentence” like ours.

I’ll have some final thoughts on both referendums on Monday.

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