The miracle of Squanto’s return

by James Wigderson | November 25, 2015 5:02 pm

The Wall Street Journal has an interesting article on the story of Squanto[1], just in time for Thanksgiving. What divine hand placed Squanto into the lives of the pilgrims at that time when they needed him most?

But one day during that spring of 1621, a Wampanoag walked out of the woods to greet them. Somehow he spoke perfect English. In fact, he had lived in London more recently than they had. And if that weren’t strange enough, he had grown up on the exact land where they had settled.

Because of this, he knew everything about how to survive there; not only how to plant corn and squash, but how to find fish and lobsters and eels and much else. The lone Patuxet survivor had nowhere to go, so the Pilgrims adopted him as one of their own and he lived with them on the land of his childhood.

This story is worth clipping and saving for your children when they learn (if they learn) about the first Thanksgiving.

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