Monday, November 20th, 2017

The movement to oust Mike Tate and Graeme Zielinski moves to Facebook


In the aftermath of the failed recall attempt, some of the recall supporters have decided to take their anger out on the leadership of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, Chairman Mike Tate and spokesman Graeme Zielinski. Some have resorted to an online petition attempt to force Tate’s and Zielinski’s removal. Others are attempting to organize on Facebook.

One group is “Rebuild the Party.”

We NEED new leadership at the top of our Wisconsin Democratic Party – and not a couple of 30 year olds – who think that this is a big joke! Mike Tate this loss is on your clock – resign tomorrow! You are not qualified to be an intern. There are real people out there – including me- that have our livelihoods at stake – and now we have no future. Thanks For Nothing. And take your buddy Graeme with you.

The other Facebook group is, “Replace Mike Tate as State Chair.”

I am sick and ashamed of my own party for what it has let happen tonight. Democrats wishing Walker well after the election. I want to see NEW Democrats. Strong Democrats that will lead and tell Washington that if they want our help, they better help us first!

This has gone on long enough. We need a new leader in this state. Mike Tate has proven himself not worthy of running the party, and I ask that people to join so as we might find better more visionary people of this state.

I ask us all to try harder-not against just Walker and the Republicans. But against the complacency and old ways of doing things left in our own party.

This weekend is the Democrats’ state convention in Appleton. It was supposed to be their victory lap. Could be a long weekend of finger-pointing instead.

Wednesday evening, Zielinski had an answer on Facebook for his critics,

‎”Complaining” isn’t an idea. It’s “complaining.” I’m damned proud of what we’ve done. Day-after, week-after aches and pains stink, but I will never let anyone sully our rationale, our commitment and, as time will tell, our rightness.

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