Saturday, August 24th, 2019

The Mute City of Waukesha


So this morning I got a bit of a surprise. During the night, the city blocked off all the side streets in our area, preventing traffic from crossing Arcadian Avenue.

That includes, unfortunately, Greenfield and Perkins avenues, two roads where the traffic comes through our little neighborhood to other points of the city. Perkins is especially important as it goes all the way through to Main Street and beyond that to Moreland Boulevard to cross the bridge to the west side of the city.

Instead of being able to go through, cars have been using normally quiet Anoka Avenue as a turnaround from Perkins to Greenfield as drivers in complete frustration try to find an alternative route.

The city didn’t even notify their own transit system. I watched a bus this morning go past a “Road Closed” sign right to the corner of Perkins and Arcadian, and then sat there trying to figure out what to do. It might still be sitting there for all I know. A car coming the other way moved barrels out of the way so she could get from north of Arcadian to south of Arcadian on Perkins.

It occurred to me that, if the transit system didn’t know about the road closing, and none of us knew about the road closing, I’m guessing the police and the fire department don’t know about the road closing, either. The fire station often uses Perkins to send emergency vehicles, so this might be a problem.

My wife, the Lovely Doreen from Waukesha, let our new alderman, Cassie Rodriguez, know of the situation.

From my wife:

All of the streets in our area were closed going north to Arcadian and no one was notified. All access on Greenfield, Genesee, Perkins and Harding were all closed this morning heading North towards Arcadian.

We watched a city bus heading North on Perkins go right past the “Road Closed” sign and got stuck when it got to Arcadian which leads me to believe that our transit system wasn’t even made aware of the situation.

There weren’t any detour signs posted either.

This is not the first time that a major road construction project was not communicated. When the city tore up Genesse street, they only notified the Genesee Residents. Residents on Anoka Ave were not made aware of any construction project.

I would hope that the Fire Department knows that they are not able to get through any of those streets.

Can you find out what is exactly going on? How long is this going to go on? Perhaps the city needs to have a public meeting with our aldermanic district to advise what the plan is and the street closure plan going forward?

Thank you,

Doreen Wigderson

Apparently, Rodriguez is incapable of reading a constituent email. All she did was copy and paste the info from the city website rather than investigate why Perkins was closed this morning.

Hi Doreen,

As of today May 15 Arcadian Ave is closed to thru traffic from east of Oakland Ave. to Blackstone Ave. We Energies is relocating their larger gas main on the south side of the road. I do know that there was information regarding this on the City of Waukesha’s website. The week of May 22 the city will also begin underground utility work weather permitting. I don’t have a completion date. As far as a detour, I would recommend crossing Arcadian Ave. to Main St as Main St. is the detour route.
The Route 2 bus detour is that the bus will go down Arcadian Ave. to Hartwell Ave. Then east on Beechwood Ave. and. N Perkins Ave. to E. Main.

I am sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you, and thank you for contacting me with your concerns. If you have further concerns, please contact me again.

Thank you,

Remember, we just told her that the bus couldn’t go through, and she’s telling us the bus is supposed to use Perkins. By the way, her detour route doesn’t work for anyone south of Arcadian, which is where we are. Main Street is north of Arcadian. To get to Main Street, we would actually have to cross Arcadian, which is what we told her was impossible.

Fortunately, somebody from the city figured out that Perkins is supposed to be open. They removed the sign for that street and traffic can go north again on that route. At least for now.

Update! By the way, the “Road Closed Ahead” sign is still up on Perkins Avenue even though Perkins is (currently) open.

“Road Closed Ahead” sign on Perkins and Beechwood

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