Monday, November 20th, 2017

The paint on the new website is finally dry


Are we having fun yet?  “We” have completed the updating of the website.  When I say “we,” I really mean Amy Kant who did a remarkable job in bringing the website together despite my absences from the city.  As in, “I’ll be out of cell phone range but I will try to drive into town and use the library’s internet access to check to see how you’re doing.”  Or, “I’m in the hotel bar in Washington.  This is what I’m looking for.  Talk to you when I get back.”martini

 The style and format is so much more professional looking than the old website.  However, the old website’s blog posts are archived here, so don’t think of those gems as lost.

 You’ll notice that from the homepage you can visit the blog, read a short biography (including an interview by Brian Fraley), see the site policies, and read my Waukesha Freeman columns.

 The e-mail subscription feature now works for those of you who want me in your e-mail inbox.  I have not heard any complaints about the RSS feed lately, so that must be working as well.

 However, don’t just read the site remotely.  On the front page I’ll post a “featured video” that I think you will find interesting at least once a day.  In the future we’ll have some site-only content, too. 

 I also have a nice “featured” section that allows you to go directly to certain blog posts and my newspaper column.  The blog posts are usually longer pieces or breaking news, so make sure you check out that feature.

 I’ll probably be adding more pages and features to site as we go along.  (Sorry Quietman, but there are no Page 3 Girls in the mix yet.  Problems with copyrights.)   As always, your suggestions and advice is appreciated.

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