Saturday, November 18th, 2017

The path to good conduct


Kevin Binversie has been following the Congressman Joe Wilson story pretty close, including the campaign finance impact.  So far, it’s been a wash, as in awash in a lot of money for both sides.  He also speculates why Tom Petri voted with the Democrats, and why Gwen Moore voted with the Republicans:

Thoughts on the two Wisconsin votes:  Knowing Petri as I have for these past years, my guess is this is Tom being Tom.  He’s a “decorum guy,” and probably didn’t take too kindly to Wilson’s actions.  He likely would have voted to pass any resolution.

 As for Moore…the woman’s a walking time bomb where decorum means more time she’s likely heavily-medicated to keep her true feelings under control.  If anything, she may have been voting for cover for that time many of us who’ve watched her for years know is coming.

I must admit that if I had been in Petri’s shoes this would have been a tough vote.  On the one hand Wilson was an idiot.  On the other hand, Wilson did apologize and President Obama did accept the apology.  I guess it would depend on whether or not I could get more funding for another bike path.


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