Thursday, November 23rd, 2017

The point where "maverick" becomes "fringe"


My column is up in the Waukesha Freeman, and this week it concerns Senator Russ Feingold and his futile attempt to “censure” President Bush for ordering the surveillance of international calls between people in this country and suspected Al Qaeda. His own party quickly got rid of that dumb idea, didn’t they?

Here’s the Wall Street Journal editorial on Feingold. The nice part about the state legislature is that when they get ready to do something stupid, the only ones who know are Wisconsinites. Make one of them a US Senator like Feingold and the whole world begins to think, “What’s wrong with Wisconsin?”

Here’s the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel editorial:

On the political front, that scurrying noise you hear is the sound of Democrats trying to get as far away from a proposal they view as radioactive as quickly as possible. But it’s also the sound of Senate Republicans shouldering each other aside for the privilege of putting this to a vote as quickly as possible.

The Republicans know an election-year gimme when they see one. Democrats do, too. The only one who doesn’t see it, apparently, is Feingold.

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