Wednesday, November 22nd, 2017

The preservatives alone will be worth it


The Waukesha County Board meets tomorrow night at 7:00pm and on the agenda again is the proposal to reduce the number of county board seats to 25 from 35. The Waukesha Taxpayers League and other volunteers are trying to reduce the county board to eleven members, and are hoping they can get enough petition signatures to put their proposal up for ballot before the County Board can act. It’s going to be close. If you have any outstanding petitions, please get them to Chris Lufter and the Waukesha Taxpayers League as soon as possible.

If the Waukesha Taxpayers League can get enough signatures, Mike from The Spring City Chronicle promises to eat a whole French Silk pie. I’ll up the ante. I’ll eat a whole box of Twinkees and “live blog” the experience. So get those signatures in now.

As for what the Waukesha County Board will do tomorrow, I have no predictions. You would think that they learned a lesson from Supervisors Kipp & Seitz losing in last Tuesday’s election and that they would allow the petition drive to continue. But the reduction in the number of signatures necessary from nearly 11,000 signatures to just over 8000 has driven County Board Chairman Jim Dwyer mad. (I know, but I won’t touch that joke.) And since this is the last gasp of old county board, they may be capable of anything.

That is, depending on how many of them show up.

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