Monday, November 20th, 2017

The research that dare not speak it’s name


Governor Doyle has a problem with telling the truth. For all his talk on “stem cell research” you cannot find the words embryo, embryonic or even cloning. Those words cannot be found in his speech or in his campaign press release.

Yet Governor Doyle and his fellow Democrats know that it isn’t “stem cell research” that Republicans and others object to, but the creation of human embryos via cloning to destroy them in the lab for research. There is not one person in this state that is opposed to adult stem cell research (which so far has produced the only successful results so far), but there is substantial opposition to the destruction of human life for embryonic stem cell research.

Why can’t Governor Doyle tell the truth? If he tells the truth, then he knows his positions get less popular, almost as unpopular as he is.

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