Sunday, August 25th, 2019

The return of the idiots


Yep, it’s that time. Okay, I forgot to post last week’s, which was written but never posted. So by default, that makes me last week’s political idiot of the week.

We have plenty of candidates again this week. Is it Barack Obama’s (now ex) foreign policy advisor Samantha Power who called Senator Clinton “a monster” and then asked the newspaper to put it off the record? D’oh! That’s up there, but not a winner.

Was it the Obama economic policy advisor, Austan Goolsbee, who told the Canadians that the NAFTA rhetoric was just politics and don’t take anything Obama says seriously? No, but it’s a goodie.

Samantha Power becomes the first idiot to earn a re-nomination in the same week with her remarks to the BBC that Obama also doesn’t mean what he says when he claims he’ll pull the troops out of Iraq in 16 months, and that would only happen in “a best case scenario”. However, accidentally telling the truth in an interview does not make you “idiot of the week”, it just means you could never be a Clinton spokesman.

Of course, Senator Barack “Fear Bomb” Obama earns a nomination just for having these idiots on his campaign team and taking their advice seriously. But even the “Fear Bomb of Hope” himself does not make the number one slot.

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett was running away with idiot of the week when he complained about custom paint jobs on guns from an obscure dealer nowhere near his violent city, worrying that “Hello Kitty” Glocks might encourage sixteen-year-olds to try armed carjacking. While having Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer hunting rifle may seem a little silly, I don’t think there’s a demonstrated demand for pink Saturday Night Specials among the members of the Latin Kings. I can’t imagine a member of the “3rd Street Posse” deciding he can’t pull a drive-by assassination because he’s still waiting on his Yosemite Sam AK-47. The Milwaukee Mayor was running away with the prize this week until…

Republicans held a press conference this week to protest the lack of action by the State Senate on the proposed constitutional amendment to require a photo id when voting. While all of the Democrats look like idiots after the Milwaukee Police leaked a report detailing the amount of voter fraud the flatfoots were able to find in Milwaukee, two Democrats stand out for their idiocy. State Senator Spencer Coggs and State Senator Russ Decker actually confronted the Republicans holding the press conference, ensuring coverage of the issue despite the entire state’s attention focused on the retirement of Brett Favre. For that remarkable display of idiocy, Coggs and Decker win the prize as the Idiot Politicians Of the Week for the week ending March 8th.

(Send your nomination for the “Idiot Politician of the Week” to The idiots will be identified every Sunday for the previous week.)

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