Friday, November 17th, 2017

The Saga of the Trailer continues…..


Well, it seems as if our Camper Dwellers have packed up for the winter. Isn’t it quite interesting that the City Inspector decides to inspect the residence AFTER they have moved out. (Keep in mind that we have been on the Inspector’s Butt about this since MAY 25th).

The inspector has since mailed me a letter indicating that the trailer is vacant and the City ordinance allows one to store the camper on their property. However, I can keep him apprised of the situation if it should change.

I love that! I dont think I should be the one to tell the City Inspector that the Trailer is NOT on an approved surface for storing and since he has inspected it…He should know that already. And as far as keeping him apprised of the situation, and wait for the city for another FOUR MONTHS! You have got to be kidding me! What the heck do I pay taxes for? For this kind of service? And what good is our Alderman who told us that the trailer will be removed after 9/5/06? The City of Waukesha has got to be filled with a bunch of Government Incompetents!

Larry Nelson said we could fight City Hall, I guess we will have to keep on fighting!

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