Tuesday, November 21st, 2017

The salient issue


Owen Robinson has been following the issues and candidates in the upcoming West Bend School District election, and discovers there’s a lot of talk about what is not at issue.

I think it’s a manufactured controversy by some zealots on the Left who are looking for an issue to oppose some specific candidates. As I have said in the past, there is a single important issue in tis election: the budget. That’s why eight candidates filed for two seats. That’s why the community is in upheaval. That’s why the district is facing very tough decisions. But, of course, the lefties can’t get any traction in the community opposing candidates who want to control the district’s spending, so they manufactured the creationism issue to get their base riled up.

Ignoring the rest of Owen’s blog post (that boy writes too long sometimes), he does hit upon the real issue. It’s not as if there’s a huge movement among West Benders to suddenly toss the science curriculum out of the schools. They just don’t want to build shiny new temples to worship and adore the teachers union. I would be more concerned about the economic superstitions of the current school board members than I would about the possibility of a conspiratorial cabal of Creationists creating a new science curriculum. There is no more likelihood of Creationism becoming the salient issue in West Bend than it is in the New Berlin school district, run by a center-right school board for several elections now.

If Creationism or Intelligent Design ever do threaten to become part of West Bend’s curriculum, put me down for $20 to oppose them. Until then, it’s worth noting that those screaming the loudest are the same people who hold the absurd belief that money grows on trees. How absurd is that?

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