Tuesday, November 21st, 2017

The sound of the silent majority


With the news that, despite all liberal expectations, the majority of the e-mail sent to Governor Scott Walker was actually supportive of the budget repair law, Charlie Sykes took a bit of time in his program today to discuss the “silent majority” and why they keep silent (audio link).

One of the criticisms I often hear about the Waukesha Freeman or blogs is that they allow anonymous comments. I’ve always understood why people would choose to comment anonymously, even if I find it frustrating at times. They have real fear for their jobs, or their friendships, or even relationships with family members.

I also know how hard it is for some people who will be confronted by angry relatives and friends who think that everyone should agree with them. If they don’t conform, they’re evil, to be cast out.

I’ve noticed that it’s a lot easier for people on the political left to assume that everyone agrees with them and behave accordingly. On the other hand, I tend to behave that way myself. But for people on the left, they find their views constantly reinforced by the popular culture as if they are the majority, whether they actually are or not. It’s easier, therefore, to make pronouncements in group settings because they’re not exactly contrary to expectation.

On the other hand, conservatives are constantly being told by the popular culture that, not only are their views wrong, but they’re evil.

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