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The Waukesha Revolution continues


News from the Waukesha Taxpayers League:

Date: Thu, 06 Apr 2006 15:30:22 -0700
Subject: The Weekend Finale

About 10 days ago, we notified everyone of the decision that the Waukesha County Board made regarding the reducing of the Waukesha County Board and the potential that the decision will be brought back April 11th for reconsideration. The citizens received a gift that day when the board rejected the proposal to reduce itself.

We have found ourselves in a unique position. Due to the election last Tuesday, with rather low turnout, the total signatures we need to get has dropped to 8200 from 10,700. We are very close to what we need and would really like to push our total signatures over the top this weekend. It is our intent to stop the board from any potential action and protect the citizens of this community from a board that will not give us the 60 days allowed by state law.

We need your commitment this weekend. While trying to evaluate where the signatures are coming from, it was apparent that our own ‘referendum help’ was being outpaced by volunteers who just stepped forward. Is there a challenge in there? Absolutely! Currently, we have a 63 year old woman who has collected almost 600 signatures herself and she has a 73 year old friend that has gotten another 150. While we realize that 600 signatures by one person in one weekend is daunting, matching a 73 year old can be done fairly easy with minimal creativity.

Signatures can be gotten by going door to door or where people are. Everyone seems to have a different preference and comfort zone when doing this. If going door to door, you can start in your own neighborhood and then move to the subdivision next door. If going where the people are, make a sign on cardboard to display or for the back of the clipboard so people can see you. Others have had tremendous success in store parking lots, recycling centers, city dumps, gas stations, etc. Do what is easiest for you, but please help us push this over the top this weekend.

We will be at the park and rides again on Sunday from 4-5 to collect signatures and completed petitions. Park and Rides are: Gehrke’s Corners, I94 & Hwy G, I43 & 164 and 16 & 83. Please do not mail petitions after Friday because we will need to turn them in late Monday or first thing Tuesday morning. Drop sites are listed on our website: Please make every effort to get them to us and, if you can’t, contact us and we will pick them up.

Attached you will find a copy of the petition and instruction sheet. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us: or Chris Lufter 262 547 8715.

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