Saturday, August 17th, 2019

Theater of the absurd in Fitzwalkerstan


I believe it’s not too late for young actors to audition for what promises to be a truly awful theatrical experience in Madison, “Greetings From FitzWalkerstan.” As I wrote recently for RightWisconsin, this play is as awful as it sounds.

Lest you think I am judging the play by its cover, the main character is named S. Winsome Walker. The director is looking to cast, “An actor who bears a strong resemblance to Scott Walker. There should be a gullible quality to this character; he is not very bright or gives the illusion that he is not very bright. Actor should have good comic timing.”

Scott Walker is dumb! Of course! Why didn’t anyone think of that before? Because Republican elected officials are always stupid! The play will be hilarious!

I’m sure it will be a hit in Madison among the screaming morons that gather in the Capitol everyday at lunchtime to regale their captive audience with their “singing.”

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