Friday, August 23rd, 2019

Then I must be wrong


When the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s Laurel Walker and I agree that something is a bad idea, then there’s a 50-50 chance it really is a bad idea.

I’ll let that joke sink in for a minute.

Seriously though, she echoes some of my concerns.

The narrow riverside ribbon of parkland and walkways could be easily overrun by this new private enterprise, which will greatly expand park activity. Not only would it put some parkland on a fee-for-use basis (tickets would be $5 to $10), but the frequent games, lights and noise would undeniably affect other park users, like it or not.

Then there’s the matter of inadequate parking for such large crowds. That in itself could be a deal breaker.

The Waukesha Common Council Tuesday night gave Mayor Larry Nelson the go-ahead to appoint an ad hoc committee to research the proposal and answer all the questions. Fair enough.

But, boy, do we have questions.

Parking? Conflicts with existing ball teams that play there – high schools, Land O’Lakes, youth teams? Conflicts with the peace and serenity of the riverwalk, the toddler park, the formal garden? The very looks of the stadium to be built? The cost of maintenance, and whose cost?

Is this a forever arrangement, or just an almost-forever deal? What, really, is in it for the city’s residents? Is it realistic to think that game-goers who load up on hot dogs and beer will then walk to downtown Waukesha for a nightcap at a local pub?

Supposedly Bauer wants an answer by August. If he doesn’t get an answer, will he go elsewhere? And why does he keep coming back to Frame Park? Is it because nobody else in the area is even willing to listen to him?

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