Wednesday, November 22nd, 2017

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Here’s the actual story regarding the flag at the Burger King:

The manager told police a maintenance crew mistakenly put the flag up the wrong way Friday night, and he couldn’t get in touch with their headquarters in Chicago to fix it.

Eventually the fire department was able to fix the flag. Not sure where Badger Blogger got the idea that the snafu was the result of the Occupy Milwaukee protest. Below is what I wrote based upon the incorrect information reported there.

The Burger King at the corner of Martin Luther King Drive and Locust Avenue flew the American flag upside down in “support” of the Occupy Milwaukee protest. Badger Blogger has the photo. I’m surprised they didn’t just use the flag to grill the burgers while they were at it.

“Have it your way” will mean having it somewhere else.

For my part, this was a frustrating error.

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