Sunday, August 25th, 2019

These idiots are all wet


It’s been a rough week out there for politicians. I thought that maybe I would spare the usual suspects some embarrassment this week because of Easter. But then the fools came out of the woodwork fast and furious.

Can we start with Senator Barack Obama? Obama’s long time close relationship with the worst embarrassment of a minister since… wowzers. I know the Left has been pointing to some doozies on the Right, but then we’ve heard it all before, haven’t we? How do they like it when we turn it around? Oh, not very much.

It’s not the close relationship with Reverend “God Damn America” Wright that gets the junior senator from the flatlands in trouble. No, it’s the claim he sat there for 20 years in the pews and only heard the good stuff, and then he threw grandma under the bus.

The moral of the story, Grandmas, don’t let your babies grow up to be senators.

Then there was State Representative Jason Fields (Democrat-Milwaukee). Fields was one of ten members of the state legislature who stabbed then-Attorney General Peg Lautenschlager in the back by urging Dane County Executive Kathleen Falk to run for the Democratic nomination. Lautenschlager was consider vulnerable due to a drunk driving conviction in a state car that led to all sorts of questions about her use of state vehicles.

How did that work out, Fields?

This week Fields was himself busted for DUI. Can you say, “irony?” I knew you could.

Fields avoids being the winner by not being stupid even when he was being stupid. He didn’t pull a DYKWIA, and he didn’t claim he was on his way to Madison on official business and therefore should be let go. Warning to legislators, when getting busted for DUI those attempted evasions will move you immediately to the top of the idiots list.

It’s a bi-partisan “idiot politician of the week” this week with State Senator Mary Lazich making a late entry into the contest. In the Small Business Times she claimed eighteen months on a committee studying the issue as credentials as an expert on the proposed Great Lakes Compact, but then turned around and complained the State Senate acted too hastily in passing it and that she didn’t know what the amendments did even two weeks later.

Mary Lazich is apparently not an Evelyn Woods graduate.

Wait a second, it’s a non-partisan contestant for first place! Falling just short is Judge Michael Gableman. If he loses the Supreme Court election to Justice Louis Butler, Gableman can point the finger of blame at an ad attacking Butler for defending a sex offender who then went on and offended again. Missing from the ad was the dull part of the story where Butler was unsuccessful in defending the criminal, the criminal went to jail, served his time, was released, and then decided to re-offend.

The Gableman campaign had to know the ad was going to be controversial and compared to the Willie Horton ad (it was). The campaign could’ve weathered that. But they omitted the most important details from the story that made it clear nothing that happened was Butler’s fault. Not surprisingly, Gableman got clubbed like a baby seal by both the left and the right. He then compounded the problem by getting into a dispute over releasing his e-mails with the Associated Press. It was not a good week for the judge.

But there’s something in the whitewater of Whitewater, WI, home to Police Chief James Coan and City Manager Kevin Brunner, that’s really detrimental to the collective IQ. Coan, with Brunner’s backing, is using taxpayer resources and the power of the police to pursue pseudonymous blogger John Adams, author of In another community, Brunner and Coan would be thrown out of office for such behavior. That there isn’t a recall effort yet shows the need for more people in Whitewater to speak out and defend free speech. So while they may cling to their little fiefdom, Brunner and Coan have become laughingstocks in the rest of the state and this week’s Idiot Politicians of the Week.

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