Tuesday, November 21st, 2017

They have seen mayors come and go, too


Laurel Walker in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel echoes my thoughts on one of the actions by the Common Council Thursday evening,

Jeff Scrima may have gotten his first civics lesson as Waukesha’s mayor-elect Thursday on governing in a weak mayor-strong council system.

Scrima appealed to the man he beat, Larry Nelson, to hold up a dozen important appointments to panels like the Plan Commission and Transit Board.

tie, nice shoes, could be mayor

Nelson wasn’t crazy about the idea. He said he thinks Scrima will have his hands full lining up aldermanic committee assignments, and Nelson saw in their first post-election meeting that Scrima wasn’t familiar with existing committees.

Still, Nelson reluctantly recommended to the council that the appointments be postponed until Scrima takes the gavel April 20.

No deal. Aldermen refused to delay, 12-3, and then confirmed them 14-1.

Scrima’s lone ally on the final vote, Ald. Emanuele Vitale, won’t be around for another. He was the sole incumbent alderman defeated Tuesday.

Alderman Joan Francoeur was quoted in the Waukesha Freeman,

“I see appointments as the council’s responsibility,” Alderwoman Joan Francoeur said. “For me when I am voting on an appointment, I am not voting for a mayor or on a mayor.”

If you’ll recall, they had no interest in letting the water issue sit until Scrima took office, either.

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