Tuesday, July 16th, 2019

They like me, they really like me


It’s been a lot of fun this week reading the Sound Offs in the Waukesha Freeman (50 cents, 75 cents on Saturday). Today, some more interesting comments about last week’s column:

Sound Off comments
Wow, lots to chew on in Sound Off today. Let’s get started!

Calling the mayor “incompetent” in his duties, or his behavior “erratic” in execution of said duties, is not a “personal attack.” It is a statement of fact.

Wigderson for mayor? Hmm. Well, he’s more fit for the job than the guy we got now. Then again, so are 64,000 other Waukeshans. Let’s hope at least one of them applies for the job.

Crossing the line of “being civil?” Wow, that’s rich, coming from the side that decided harassment of the Luther family at home, or on their way to the grocery store, was “civil.”

The mayor’s rehash of his state of the city address as his holiday message was lazy (although not quite as lazy as the guy who plagiarized such tripe for his own holiday message). For those of you on the mayor’s Christmas card list, prepare to receive an unused Valentine from last year.

Mike Ditka is a CHICAGO BEAR. None of them is very “immortal” in these parts, sir.

Enriquez, Wigderson

I’d like to know why every column written by Darryl Enriquez bashes our duly elected mayor, and he is duly elected. And every column does bash him. I don’t think The Freeman should print any more columns from him.

* * *

The people that are constantly insulting James Wigderson and Darryl Enriquez show that they are rude people. The present mayor has made mistakes that should be brought to the attention of the taxpayers. The taxpayers are paying his large salary. Because the mayor had no experience or apparently no interest in city or local government, the taxpayers should not be left holding the bag. The mayor’s so-called supporters should know the people have a right to complain (about) what is happening in the mayor’s office.

Glad to know I’m one of the 64,000 qualified to be mayor. But as I said before, somebody will run. When it comes to Waukesha, there are things I don’t worry about and that is one of them.


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