Wednesday, November 22nd, 2017

They mean it when they say they’re Catholic


Blogger Dad29 passes along the following story about foster care in Washington D.C.:

WASHINGTON, DC, February 17, 2010 ( – The Catholic Archdiocese of Washington has been forced to give up the foster care program it ran with the aid of public funds, after repeated warnings that there would be no other choice should the D.C. City Council insist that the archdiocese recognize gay “marriage” partners in its employment practices.

The Washington Post reported Wednesday that Catholic Charities handed over the foster-care program intact to the National Center for Children and Families on February 1. Catholic Charities, whose foster program included 43 children, 35 families and seven staff, runs more than 20 social service programs for the District of Columbia and receives $20 million in city funding.

Before the City Council approved the marriage bill in December, the archdiocese pointed out that, unless religious exemption language were broadened, the law would force Catholic Charities to violate Catholic moral teaching in providing spousal benefits for “married” homosexual partners of employees. Council members ignored the request for better language protecting religious rights.

Pending a period of congressional review, the “marriage” bill will likely become law within a few weeks.

When in November critics accused the archdiocese of using the foster care program to strong-arm the city, Archdiocesan spokeswoman Susan Gibbs shot back, saying, “We are not threatening to walk out of the city.”

Instead, she said, “the city is the one saying, ‘If you want to continue partnering with the city, then you cannot follow your faith teachings.'”

We’ll probably see this again and again as the Left tries to force Catholic hospitals perform abortions, state requirements to recognize gay marriages for adoptions, and so on.

The Church is very old and has a much longer view of things. If it’s a choice between it’s principles and knuckling under to the authorities of the moment, it can wait.

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