Saturday, August 24th, 2019

They might as well learn right away


One of the more annoying things I’ve been told over the years is that we’re supposed to give some newly elected official “a chance.” Whether it’s been a mayor, a president, or most recently, an alderman, they’re supposed to be given “a chance” because they’re new.

A chance at what? Screwing up again?

I have a simple rule: I criticize politicians when they’re wrong, and I praise them when they’re right. That applies regardless of party, regardless of personalities, and it also applies regardless of experience.

If you don’t correct a puppy when you’re potty training them, you’re going to have a lot of “accidents” in the house. It’s the same with politicians.

When someone runs for public office, they know (or should know) that their actions will be under public scrutiny. That scrutiny doesn’t go away just because they’re new. It’s actually heightened when they’re new because we want to see what kind of elected official they’re really like.

If there’s one thing that’s unfair, it’s that the people who represent me in government actually get greater scrutiny because I have to live with their decisions and I see the results first hand. But that’s life, and they have to deal with it.

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