Friday, November 24th, 2017

They play rough in Brookfield


City of Brookfield mayoral candidate Cindy Kilkennyclaimed her capaign website was hacked. It was down for three hours on monday and again on tuesday, according to the information she gave the Journal Sentinel.

Of course, if we ask our friend Patrick at Badger Blogger he would probably laugh and say that’s what happens when you use Blogger.

Meanwhile, Mayor Jeff Speaker has finally come up with an excuse for not going door-to-door that a campaign manager might have to accept. Maybe.

Speaker said he started walking to homes but quit because he didn’t want residents to question his sanity campaigning in below freezing temps.

“I think I was losing votes more than getting them,” Speaker joked. “I didn’t want residents to ask ‘Do we really want this lunatic running our city?’”

I hope his campaign manger sent him to his room and told him to start calling voters and campaign contributors on the phone. “You better be getting some votes and raising some money in there, or I’m sending your wimpy butt back out in the snow!”

By the way Jeff, it’s a nice day today. Better get a-knockin’ to make up for lost time.

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