Friday, November 24th, 2017

They were pretty dumb before they stuck their hands in the bear cage


Two supposed adults were at the zoo in Manitowoc with the woman’s three-year-old granddaughter when the woman, Tracy Weiler of Manitowoc, decided to go past the safety barriers to stick her hand into the cage to feed the bears. She was more successful than she intended:

“It appears that she suffered loss of some fingers,” specifically, all of her thumb and forefinger and parts of her middle and ring fingers, said Capt. Scott Luchterhand.

The woman, identified as Tracy Weiler of Manitowoc, was taken to a hospital in Green Bay, about 40 miles north of Manitowoc, and later transferred to Theda Clark Medical Center in Neenah, he said.

Her boyfriend, Lawrence Bosworth, 51, also of Manitowoc, tried to pry the bear’s mouth off her hand and also was bitten, according to Luchterhand. In his case, the bite did not result in the loss of fingers. He was taken to Aurora Medical Center in Two Rivers, 2 miles from the zoo.

Alcohol was a factor with both adults, according to a news release from Mayor Justin Nickels. (thks: Kevin Binversie)

So how drunk would you have to be to stick your hand in a bear cage, and if you’re that inebriated should you be out in public trying to watch a three-year-old granddaughter? Perhaps the granddaughter was lucky the bears decided to take a taste of the rum-soaked lady fingers before this idiot couple decided to drive the girl home.

Do you think the bears said to themselves afterwards, “The first finger was too chewy, the second finger was too tender, but the third finger was just right.”

Update! On the other hand (heh), these idiots at the Huffington Post should be fed whole to the bears:
“Let all the animals go. It’s good to see the animals taking humans down one by one for there inhumane behavior towards defenseless animals.” -Wakeworld88

…And as for your comment “it’s good to see the animals taking humans down one by one for there inhumane behavior towards defenseless animals”, well, to that I would add even the ones that can defend themselves against unarmed humans.

The carnivores, small and large, have as much right to hunt us as we do them and when they take down one of our kind they should be applauded for having done so without the silly accoutrements of lethal weapons. They did it bare paws and teeth.

Now, if human hunters went up against a bear, deer, elk, moose, tiger, lion or whatever barehanded, ok, then you’ve got me on your side. Otherwise, the wild animals are at a distinct disadvantage. -RasputinsLiver

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