Tuesday, November 21st, 2017

They’ll never be happy


While I think President Barack Obama releasing the birth certificate will dry up some of the fevered-swamp thinking on his citizenship, there are some that will just never be satisfied.

“I just don’t accept handouts from government officials and assume they are what they say they are, given that he’s withheld this stuff for two and half years,” Farah said. “If the issue is natural-born citizenship, which is what we should all be focusing on, rather than was he born in Hawaii, then the questions still remain.”

But wouldn’t a Hawaiian birth, confirmed by the release, settle once and for all that Obama is a natural-born U.S. citizen constitutionally eligible to serve as president? Farah said no, and repeatedly sought to shift the focus from the question of where he was born to the question of to whom he was born.

“Natural born citizenship is clearly a higher standard than just ordinary citizenship,” he said, rehearsing a line long advanced by WND that since his father was a British subject and Kenyan citizen, Obama was born with “dual allegiances” and thus should not be considered “natural born” for constitutional purposes even if he was born in the United States to an American mother. That is not, needless to say, a view that is shared by the courts.

“If he was born to two American citizens in Hawaii I would have no problem,” Farah said. But, he went on, “it’s not just a matter of ‘Where were you born? Oh, you’re good to go.’ That’s not the issue the Founders were thinking about.”

“What I see happening here with the case of Barack Obama is that we’re dumbing-down the definition of what it means to be a natural-born citizen,” he said.

I suppose Obama has had access to some of the best CIA forgers for a couple of years now. However, that still wouldn’t explain the birth announcements in the Hawaiian newspapers, etc.

On the other hand I am more than willing to believe this story of Obama’s origins.

Many Republicans have long suspected that President Obama was not born on this planet. “He’s got some extraterrestrial type powers,” said John Boehner, Speaker of the House, “that’s how he got so many to vote for him, he put some kind of Zeeba mind meld on everybody.”

Corsi proves that there is no record of Obama being born anywhere on this planet and proves, beyond a shadow of a doubt that Obama was born on Mars.

The president’s attorneys are scrambling to stop the publication of the book. “The President was born on Earth. The people of the country take him at his word. He IS an earthling,” said Jay Carney, The White House Press Secretary.

There is another startling revelation in the book. Not only was President Obama born on Mars… so was Donald Trump. They are Martian brothers!

Why do you think the SETI project was allowed to run out of money?

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