Wednesday, November 22nd, 2017

This deserves wider mention


For all of the attention that the national Club for Growth* got for attacking former Governor Tommy Thompson, the connection to former Congressman Mark Neumann deserves more attention.

If you visit the national Club for Growth website, however, you might find one reason why the group is targeting Thompson. The group’s executive vice president is Chuck Pike. Pike, according to his resume, used to work for a company owned by Mark Neumann. Pike also worked for Neumann on Capitol Hill when Neumann was a congressman.

Neumann has said he is interested in running for Kohl’s seat next year. (Thks Kevin)

Yeah, that might explain a little bit why a national organization is taking such an early interest in a Republican Primary. Perhaps Chris Lato wasn’t the only knife in the Neumann drawer.

* As opposed to the Wisconsin Club for Growth which had nicer things to say about a Thompson candidacy.

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